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Our research shows 78% of consumers aren’t sure which lever controls the front brake and which lever controls the back brake on a traditional two-lever bike brake system.

SURESTOP brake system is designed to take the thinking out of braking by having a single brake lever control braking on both wheels. We believe this leads to a more enjoyable riding experience and added confidence when braking. Sometimes less really is more.

prevent head-over-handlebar and reduce stopping distance

Our research shows about 80% of consumers primarily use their right (rear brake), either because they are right handed, or are afraid of grabbing the left (front brake).

The SURESTOP brake system is designed to distribute the right amount of braking power to both wheels allowing you to stop faster while preventing head-over-handlebar accidents and front wheel skidding.

tested to perform

the SURESTOP brake system has been tested by independent 3rd party testing labs to back our claims and ensure durability of our products

how SURESTOP brake system works

safer, smarter, simpler

our patented and award-winning technology is changing the future of how people brake on bicycles.


Reduces stopping distance and prevents braking related accidents including head-over-handlebar and front wheel skidding.


Automatically distributes the right amount of braking power to both wheels for smooth and controlled stopping.


Single lever system takes thinking out of braking for a more confident and enjoyable riding experience.

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“Our job is to make riding fun. Simplifying bicycle controls and operation is one of the best ways to guarantee grins. The SureStop braking system accomplishes just that: it’s simpler to operate than standard two lever braking systems while offering improved braking performance for a safer, more controlled, more fun ride.”

Greg Webber

VP Production Development, Jamis Bikes

“The Schwinn brand prides itself on making riding easy and fun, and that’s exactly what SureStop technology does. We are proud to be the mass-market leader on this and bring an important innovation to our customers”

Joe Werwie

Senior Director Walmart Product, Schwinn Bikes

“I also like this bike because it came with a SureStop brake set-up which has proven to be a nice safety feature. As a former development engineer I’m impressed with the SureStop brake technology. The inventors recognized a long-standing problem with typical bicycle brakes and used innovative design to solve the problem. The technology works. I know because I recently had someone step right in front of my bike as I was traveling downhill at about 25-30 mph. My bike stopped quickly, safely, and without any tendency to pitch forward. The SureStop applies the rear brake first and then the front brake. All bikes should have this safety feature.”


Customer review about SURESTOP on Kent Avondale

Guardian Kids Bikes

Guardian bikes is a brand focused on making the safest bikes for children. All Guardian kids bikes feature SURESTOP brake system to prevent kids from making a braking mistake.


Kent Avondale

“The Kent Avondale hybrid bicycle features the technically advanced SURESTOP braking system. This braking system provides one lever braking that virtually eliminates over the handle bar accidents caused by sudden braking. The Avondale hybrid is equipped with a light weight, hand crafted aluminum frame, Shimano 21 speed Shifters and Derailleurs. Perfect for around town, campus or commuting.”


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